Cassena Kidney Care Center

Your Treatment Team

At Cassena Kidney Care, your treatment is always a team effort. While you and your family are a critical part of your care team, you’ll work closely with each member of our team. Also our staff and physicians work diligently to keep you healthy, educated, and comfortable throughout your treatment journey.


Our physicians, board-certified in nephrology, are highly trained and skilled in treating all stages of kidney disease. They are primarily responsible for leading your care during your dialysis treatments. They may also collaborate with nurse practitioners or physicians assistants for your treatment.

Dialysis Nurses

Our caring team of nephrology nurses, licensed RN and LPN nurses, specialize in treating kidney disease. They will help with your assessments, administer your medications, and ensure that your dialysis treatments are running smoothly.

Renal Dieticians

When living with kidney Dieticians, your diet is especially important before, during, and after your dialysis treatments. In our dialysis care center, you have access to a registered renal dietician who will help form a dietary plan tailored to your specific needs.

Social Workers

Our social workers are your advocates and are here to be a resource as you navigate your treatment journey. Kidney disease and dialysis don’t have to disrupt your life, and our team of social workers is here to ensure just that. They can help provide counseling to help you cope with the impact on your family, workplace, and home.

Cassena cares. Start your journey with us today

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