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Do you have dialysis questions or kidney disease questions? We are here to help!

Essentially, dialysis is a way of cleaning your blood. It is a medical treatment for people with End Stage Renal Disease that does some of the work healthy kidneys would do, including:

  1. Extracting waste, extra water, and salt from your body
  2.  Regulating your body’s fluid balance
  3.  Controlling your blood pressure
When kidney failure occurs the body requires dialysis to replace the function of this essential organ. Kidney failure can be caused by diabetes, hypertension and polycystic kidney disease. The kidneys may also fail after a heart attack or severe injury or as a result of surgery.

There are 2 major types of dialysis:

  1.  Hemodialysis: administered by medical professionals in a hospital or center, machine is used to filter the blood, plenty of medical safeguards in place
  2. Peritoneal Dialysis: the body’s own tissues are used to flush waste through the use of an injected fluid, typically administers at home through a catheter, fewer dietary, and fluid restrictions but difficult to administer alone.
The National Kidney Foundation recommends starting dialysis when your kidney function drops to 15 percent or less—or if you have severe symptoms caused by your kidney disease. Your doctor will help you decide how much kidney function you have left and on your symptoms.
There are several circumstances in which dialysis is only needed for a certain period of time until kidney function returns. However, if a patient’s kidney has failed and is supported exclusively by dialysis treatments, it may be a permanent solution until the patient receives a kidney transplant.
Commercial insurance typically covers kidney failure treatment. You may qualify for coverage under Medicaid/Medicare. Our social workers can help connect you with resources on state/federal funded coverage.

Cassena Kidney Care

Cassena Kidney Care offers in-house hemodialysis under the close supervision of a highly trained medical team.

Your care team will consist of a nephrologist, who will lead your care team, dialysis nurses, who will oversee your treatment, registered dietitians, who will help with your nutrition, and a social worker, who will help to improve your quality of life.

Yes, we offer transportation to some of our facilities in the New York Metro Area. Visit our transportation page to learn more.
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