Cassena Kidney Care Center

Skilled Nursing Care & Rehab Services

Skilled Nursing Care you Can Trust

Cassena Kidney Care Centers conveniently provide attentive around-the-clock care, and on-site dialysis in multiple of our skilled nursing facilities throughout the New York Metro area. With certified nursing assistants available in our facilities, our patients benefit from not having to worry about arranging transportation multiple times a week, and to potentially reduce the risk of hospitalization.

When there is a recognized need for dialysis patients to have care to be provided on a continuous basis by licensed medical staff, Cassena offers a welcoming space in several locations across the New York Metro area.  

Our Skilled Nursing Care Team

Our skilled nursing care team is proud to provide professional and compassionate care to our residents and patients. Our team of registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, and aides are passionate about providing exceptional care and receive ongoing, specialized training to continue their expertise.

Who needs skilled nursing care?


Our skilled nursing facilities are designed for patients who need a higher level of care. Our team is always on duty to care for and assist our patients with long-term health conditions. Families can take comfort knowing our team of medical professionals offer 24 hour care in order to respond to any medical issues that arise.

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Short-Term Rehabilitation

Surgeries, injuries, or unplanned hospital stays can often come with the need for therapy services in skilled nursing. Cassena Care provides superior physical, occupational, respiratory, and speech therapies that help our patients get back to their lifestyle.

Rehab Services with Cassena Care

Your rehabilitation will be tailored to your needs, health history, and capabilities. Offering treatments for a variety of conditions, our rehab services are unique to each individual’s needs. We offer personalized care and treatment with a wide array of short- and long-term options.

Our highly-trained, qualified therapists will guide your rehabilitation with an interdisciplinary approach. By collaborating and communicating with you, your family, and your team of health care providers, we work diligently to help our patients on the road to recovery.

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