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Dialysis Treatment

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Your Cassena Dialysis Experience

Dialysis can be an overwhelming experience–our job is to make it easy. We understand that you deserve the best care, expertise, and comfort during each and every treatment.

Expert, Caring Staff

At Cassena Kidney Care, you’ll never walk alone. Your personalized care team is highly trained and is honored to support you through every step of your dialysis journey. During each treatment session, your care team will oversee your dialysis treatment from start to finish. They are here to monitor your vitals, evaluate your reaction to treatment or medication, answer any questions, or even extend warm conversation.

Comfort Like Home

Our centers are equipped with all the comforts of your home. During your treatment, you can recline in our heated massage chairs while enjoying access to free WiFi and your own personal TV. Our bright, clean centers are designed with you in mind, offering an uplifting and calming environment from the moment you walk through our doors.

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In-Center Hemodialysis

How Hemodialysis works

Typically, in-center hemodialysis is scheduled multiple times a week for a certain period of time and is prescribed by your doctor. You’ll be connected to the dialysis machine via your hemodialysis access. Your blood is then filtered outside of your body through a dialyzer or "artificial kidney" to remove toxins, unwanted waste, and excess fluid. The blood then returns to your body. Your care team will oversee your entire treatment and look after you throughout your appointment.

Benefits of treatment in dialysis centers

With many choices for dialysis treatment and dialysis centers, why should you consider in-center hemodialysis? In making your decision, consider the benefits:
The center provides a centralized location for all your treatments, labs, and rehabilitation.
You’ll be surrounded by a community of people receiving the same or similar treatment
A trained team of technicians, social workers, nutritionists, and nurses will be there to administer your treatment and answer questions

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