Cassena Kidney Care Center

Cassena Kidney Care,
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Cassena Kidney Care is here to guide you with our team of specialists every step of the way. Our complete suite of services includes dialysis treatment, dietary planning, physical rehabilitation services, and guidance from our social workers, who have a deep understanding of the nuances involved in the dialysis and recovery process.

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Services Available At Cassena Kidney Care

Our mission is to ensure that every patient that leaves our centers is in the best physical and emotional health possible, and we accomplish this goal with a complete offering of treatment and recovery services.

Dialysis Treatment

Dialysis is a complicated process. The treatment has evolved over the years, and Cassena Kidney Care continuously strives to maintain excellence by constantly improving, refining our methods and integrating the latest technological advances in each dialysis center we operate.

Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Services

Physical rehabilitation services are essential to your well-being after treatment. The overall goals of our rehabilitation program are to improve muscle strength and mobility, reduce blood pressure, maintain weight levels, and improve your general quality of life. Cassena Kidney Care provides a full-service, coordinated program designed to bring a patient back to total health and mobility.

Your Treatment Team

At Cassena Kidney Care, we recognize that you are more than your diagnosis. For this reason, our care extends beyond our medical staff. Your treatment team will provide the best medical treatment available and will ensure that your whole being is cared for. Our team of social workers, dietitians, and dialysis staff is there for every step of the process.

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