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Benefits To On-Site Dialysis

Dialysis treatment is a very delicate, time-consuming process that requires the utmost attention to detail to not only perform the potentially life-saving treatment, but to also accommodate each patient’s individual needs to provide them with as much comfort and support as possible. That is why finding a skilled nursing facility with dialysis treatment options is essential to living with the new day-to-day requirements of kidney disease. Here we will discuss some of the benefits to receiving on-site dialysis from a professional nursing facility.  

No Need to Worry About Transportation

Many dialysis patients require treatments 2-3 times per week, and the process can take several hours. Living in a nursing facility that does not offer on-site dialysis will create the need for routine transportation to and from the treatment center. The costs for such transportation can vary in your location, with rates for wheelchair patients reaching $90 per trip, or a monthly rate of over $500 per month in some areas. To make it even worse, Medicare will not cover the costs of this transportation, in most cases, unless you have the Medicare B plan and pay the additional premium. For senior patients living on a fixed income, this expense can be devastating. Having the life-saving treatment and service you need available just outside of your bedroom door is not only more comfortable and convenient, but also more cost effective than many people may be aware of. 

Community and Support

When receiving on-site dialysis treatment at a nursing and rehabilitation center, you can enjoy the professional support of a trained nursing staff that remains available to accommodate any special needs patients may have, as well as provide support for any technical difficulties with any of the equipment. However, another strong factor to point out as a seemingly intangible benefit for on-site dialysis is the community building aspect that it involves. Patients will be around other patients who frequently receive the same levels of care that they do. This atmosphere has been proven time and again to be beneficial to their emotional and mental health as well as their physical well being. It has been reported that an average of 60% of all kidney disease patients experience strong feelings of depression and anxiety after diagnosis. As a result, many support groups and social groups for patients of kidney disease have formed to help others cope with the obstacles and hardships this “new normal” way of life brings with it. Being around others going through the same hardships as you is beneficial in the majority of cases out there, and this benefit can be experienced at greater length with on-site dialysis treatment. 

On-Site Dialysis With Cassena Kidney Care 

Cassena Kidney Care specializes in the treatment for kidney disease, and has multiple locations in New York state such as Bronx, NY, Brooklyn, NY, and a new location coming soon in Norwalk, CT. We understand the delicate needs of our patients and we are standing by ready to help with your treatment, diet plans, and educating you in the important elements of your health and recovery. With our team of dedicated professionals and the latest technology in dialysis treatment, we guarantee each patient will receive the best comfort, care, and results the industry has to offer. Visit our website and schedule your first visit today. 

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