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Healthy Eating for Kidney Disease

If you are currently being treated for kidney disease, your diet can have a major effect on your overall health. A Kidney-friendly diet plan is easier when you set yourself up for success and plan ahead. While everyone’s nutritional needs are different, and the severity of each patient’s condition can vary, we believe these helpful tips are essential to maintaining healthy eating habits.

Why Healthy Eating Is Important

Patients who are currently struggling with the effects of kidney disease are already faced with new challenges to their every-day lives. When your kidneys begin to decline in their function, they have to work even harder to perform to their full extent, and that primarily concerns removing waste and toxins from your body. That is why healthy eating is so crucial to your health and the success of your treatment. If your consistently putting unhealthy foods into your body, your kidneys won’t be able to handle it, and it could lead you to other health issues like high blood pressure or even diabetes. Kidney-friendly diets consist of foods that doctors agree will be less of a burden to your organs, and will actually help to ensure your kidneys are getting the help and nutrition they need, rather than more work to do that they can’t handle. There are also a number of excellent recipes for kidney disease patients available online that you can experiment with and enjoy.

Can I Get Help?

You should always begin by speaking with your doctor about your nutrition and specific dietary needs to avoid deficiencies in your nutritional needs. Your doctor should also be able to refer you to a professional dietitian who is knowledgeable and experienced with the needs of kidney disease patients, and they can assist you in developing an enjoyable and relatively easy diet plan for you to follow. Keep in mind that if all diet plans were that simple to follow, we wouldn’t have a need for professionals in the field. We’re all only human, but it is important that you keep your doctor and dietitian informed of your eating habits, and always consult them before increasing or decreasing your intake of certain nutrients. There are also many nursing homes with dialysis care with the appropriate staff and resources available to assist with diet restrictions as well. 

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