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5 Tips to Stay Fit With Kidney Disease

Kidney disease can cause several disruptions to the quality of a person’s everyday life, but it is still possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle with dialysis. Many of the symptoms of kidney disease include fatigue, shortness of breath, and dizziness which make physical activities like exercise an unwelcome obstacle for many patients. Fortunately, there are calculated ways to approach physical activity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and in this article we will discuss 5 important tips that will help you stay fit while being treated for kidney disease. 

Speak To Your Doctor

Our first recommendation will always be to consult your doctor before engaging in any significant lifestyle changes or exercise routines. Not all patients are the same, and the struggles associated with kidney disease can manifest in a variety of different ways. Therefore, you should speak to your doctor about your specific condition, your known symptoms and side effects, and discuss the level of activity that is recommended for you as well as their suggested limitations. 

A Proper Diet is Key 

A healthy diet is a key element for any realistic fitness goal, but this is especially true for those struggling with kidney disease. A healthy diet ensures that your body is getting everything it needs to fuel itself and endure the intensity of any physical activity it is involved in. Unhealthy eating habits can set you up for failure, and potentially even lead to further complications with your treatment. There are many creative recipes available that will complement your diet plan, and that doctors recommend for kidney disease patients.

The Right Exercise is Important 

For the majority of patients undergoing treatment for dialysis, building up your strength and physical fitness will take time and dedication, but it is also important to follow these additional tips to help guarantee your success without overdoing it:

1. Start low and start slow: As mentioned before, fatigue and shortness of breath are among the most common symptoms of kidney disease, and these unfortunate obstacles are likely to manifest early on in the workout. It will get better over time, but in the beginning, you should limit your workouts to 15-30 minutes maximum. If you decide to use weights in your routine, be sure to use low-weight amounts and that the motions are comfortable and controlled. This process is a marathon, not a race, and starting low and slow will work to rebuild your foundation and contribute greatly to your future progress.

2. How to Exercise: The types of exercise you are able to perform will vary greatly, but generally, you should follow these basic rules. Do not exercise alone. If your breathing and energy levels prove to be a regular challenge for you, it is highly recommended that you exercise with a trainer or a friend to help if you were to lose consciousness or over-exert yourself. It is also important to control your workout and to not work so hard that you cannot breathe. While exercising, you should keep your breathing level down to a point that you can still speak to the person you are with. 

3. Timing Your Exercise: Timing is very important to your exercise routine. To see the best results, you should make it your goal to get 30 minutes of exercise at least 3 times a week. However, you should always use your best judgment. If your body is telling you that today is not the day for a workout, listen to it. Also, make sure that you wait at least one hour after a meal before you begin exercising. If your workout consists of a walk, or a jog, outside, make sure that you are not going out during the hottest point of the day.. 

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