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What Is Dialysis and How Does It Work?

Dialysis is a form of treatment that is conducted on patients suffering from kidney disease or kidney failure. The type of dialysis treatment they receive and the frequency of their treatments can vary depending on the severity of their condition. Even though technology in dialysis has come a long way to where it is today, many patients may still need to be transported to a specialized dialysis treatment center for the procedure, and the process can still take several hours. Here, we will discuss exactly what dialysis is and cover some of the details of how it works.

What Is Dialysis?

Dialysis is a treatment that is designed to perform the tasks that your kidneys do, in the event that a person’s medical condition causes their kidneys to begin shutting down. Your kidneys are responsible for removing waste, toxins, salt, and extra water from your body along with regulating the amount of certain chemicals in your blood, such as iron and potassium, to keep them at safe levels. Your kidneys are also tasked with the job of helping your body control its blood pressure. When kidney disease causes a patient’s condition to worsen to a certain degree, dialysis treatments are prescribed to take over the job your kidneys have been responsible for. 

How Does It Work?

There are two types of dialysis available at Cassena Care Nursing Homes: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. In hemodialysis, doctors employ the use of a machine that acts as an artificial kidney which draws the blood from your body and removes the waste and chemicals from your body. To get this blood out of your body, doctors usually perform a minor surgery to install a tube to allow easy access to one of your arteries. For peritoneal dialysis, the blood is cleansed while still inside your body. Doctors will perform a minor surgery to install a catheter into your abdomen to allow access for routine treatments. During this treatment, the catheter is used to fill your abdominal area ( also known as the peritoneal cavity) with a fluid solution called dialysate. All of the veins and arteries that line your peritoneal cavity will then have all of the waste and chemicals drawn out of them and into the dialysate where it is cleansed without extraction.

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