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Kidney Care For A Healthier You

Cassena Kidney Dialysis Centers are widely recognized healthcare institutions with multiple locations across New York, Connecticut, Long Island, The Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. These centers specialize in offering top-notch dialysis services to patients with kidney-related conditions. The dedicated team of medical professionals at Cassena Kidney Dialysis Centers is well-equipped with the latest technology and advanced facilities to provide the best possible care for patients. With a patient-centered approach, the centers ensure personalized treatment plans that address each individual’s unique needs. Cassena Kidney Dialysis Centers not only focus on delivering exceptional dialysis services but also emphasize patient education, counseling, and support. By arming patients with knowledge and resources, the centers empower individuals to actively participate in their own kidney health management.


Comprehensive Dialysis Treatment Services

Cassena Kidney Care has built our reputation on the service and satisfaction of our patients. This is because our dialysis centers take care of every need the patient will encounter throughout the entire process.

We understand the nuances and challenges you may face and our team extends far beyond doctors and nurses to include social workers, dieticians, and rehabilitation specialists.

Rehabilitation Services

Our renal rehabilitation program has been handcrafted by our industry experts to .... Read More

Dialysis Services

Our services begin the moment you walk into one of our centers. Here, you will be greeted by an extensive team of highly-trained nephrologists, dialysis nurses, certified renal dietitians, social workers, and physicians. In addition, our facilities are equipped with every modern amenity you can imagine.

At Cassena Kidney Care, our main vision has always been to make our clinics as comfortable as possible for our patients.

Social Work

For our patients, we know that the treatment journey can be a difficult process as they are in an unfamiliar place and away from their loved ones. To help alleviate any stress or potential issues we assign an individual social worker for every patient.

This specialist acts as a support and guidance figure to walk with you throughout the entire treatment period and act as a mediator between your family and our team to ensure that all of your needs are met.

Diet & Nutrition Services

As a kidney care patient, your diet is a critical part of your care plan. Proper vitamin and fluid levels, as well as structured meal planning are essential to your recovery, and our dieticians are here to track all of these factors for you. With our expert dieticians, you can expect a tailored nutrition plan that supports your recovery and enriches your overall well-being.

Rehabilitation Services

Our renal rehabilitation program has been handcrafted by our industry experts to aid in your recovery. With a combined effort of exercise, training, and medical supervision, we can get you back on your feet and home to your family. Cassena Kidney Care packages all of these services together to ensure that you have the best experience possible when you are in our care.

Comfort like home, commitment and care like Cassena.


Choosing Cassena Kidney Care

When selecting a kidney and dialysis care center, there are many qualities to look for. From a dedicated staff of experts to the latest in technology and amenities, you will find only the best at Cassena Kidney Care. We have several kidney dialysis centers across New York and Connecticut to ensure that you can find one in close proximity. Our reputation is the best, and you should settle for nothing less.

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What Our Client’s Say


The care is great, has very nice staff, and is like a family unit. I’ve been at other dialysis units and it matters when people say how are you, good morning, and acknowledge you! When I go on vacation they always arrange my treatment at another visiting center and I never have to worry! SW is phenomenal, knows all my daughters, contacts them, and gets things done. I recommend this unit to anyone that needs dialysis.

Beatrice K

Everyone is conscientious, empathetic to my situation, and always asks how I’m doing. The staff overall is good and I have no complaints at my dialysis center. I definitely will recommend this dialysis unit.

Mario G

I love dialysis! Everybody is so friendly and caring. I love when Michael comes to sing for us on Friday afternoons, it makes it so fun, and the time passes quickly. These are wonderful people!

Maria B

I love the staff at dialysis. They take good care of me and always make sure I have everything I need. Sherry and Lisa always make sure I get back to my room and have my lunch waiting for me. I couldn’t ask for any better care. These ladies are the best!

Dolores C

Dialysis saved my life. I love coming here because I know I feel better when I leave and I’m healthier for coming. The staff at the dialysis center are the greatest! I feel like they are my family.

Marie G

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